Lorraine is a kind and patient teacher, her enthusiasm and energy is contagious which is great when you start your session. Lorraine is so adaptable and would tailor my sessions to what I needed that day. I would thoroughly recommend and can’t wait to work with her again

Meg Steeds
Recommends The Holistic Wellness School

7 April at 07:44

I used to go to Lorraine's pilâtes classes and I liked her very holistic approach. she's very knowledgeable and welcoming. Shame she moved away. from my town.

Sandra Dumas
Recommends The Holistic Wellness School

3 April at 14:41

I’ve been receiving reiki and support with development from Lorraine for a little while. She’s been very helpful and influential in my spiritual development. Lorraine is a very compassionate person and goes out of her way to help and support all who are fortunate enough to know her. She’s most definitely someone who I would personally recommend for anyone seeking support guidance and reiki healing. She’s supported me not only with reiki but mentally and emotionally and helped with difficult decisions that needed to be made with her spirituality and wisdom. I’ve been fortunate that I’ve known Lorraine for quite sometime Sadly we aren’t as fortunate that there are more people like Lorraine in the world as the world would be such a better place. Thank you

Chris Burnell
Recommends The Holistic Wellness School

31 March at 15:49

I'd like to add my own recommendation here for Lorraine & her natural intuitive gift for teaching all things Holistic. I took part in both her Pilates & fitness classes & had 1-1 Reiki sessions also. Her friendly, compassionate manner always made me feel at ease ( not being at all at home with exercise!! ) & her encouragement allowed me to enjoy what I thought would be a chore. On a spiritual level, we are talking about one highly evolved being who, whilst we're in her company, allows us to see more of who and what we truly are & can become. Thank you

Laraine Turner
Recommends The Holistic Wellness School

30 March at 21:06

Lorraine is that rare being ... a teacher of great sensitivity, insight and intuition. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending any protect she is associated with ... it is my deep hope that this school flourishes

Russell W Barnett
Recommends The Holistic Wellness School

29 March at 19:11

Receiving distance Reiki form Lorraine was extremely accurate and straight to the core of what was happening that moment in my life. She picked up on my lower chakra's being blocked, and a feeling of ungroundedness and no security. She tapped straight into my inner child receiving the name of my childhood bully. Bringing up old, painful, but necessary for healing feelings of being left out and not good enough. From this I came to understand why I would so often feel misunderstood, and ungrounded. For me this was a pretty profound experience and has been a big tool on my healing thank you

Kayleigh Print
Recommends The Holistic Wellness School

28 March at 17:15

Lorraine is a phenomenal teacher. She really goes the extra mile. She was my personal trainer in Bude and she helped me enormously. Nothing was too much trouble and sessions were fun and informative. Highly recommended!

Lynne Holehouse
Recommends The Holistic Wellness School

26 March at 21:50

Lorraine has a great gift of having such a natural empathy with people. Whatever she does, she always puts her heart & soul into it. She has lots of enthusiasm, together with unlimited knowledge, care & understanding of people’s needs! A brilliant teacher who started me off on Pilates,& I’ve never looked back since. All thanks to this wonderful Lady! Wishing her nothing but well in her new fantastic venture.

Claire Palmer
Recommends The Holistic Wellness School

26 March at 21:12

I have known Lorraine for may years, since she established Curves (the Bude ladies’ only gym)/ Then I was impressed by her professionalism and kindness.For the last 12 year or so Lorraine has visited our home as our personal trainer. She has schooled my husband Lawrence, and myself in Pilates, weights and other exercise regimes , which have been very beneficial. We both are very grateful for this and much appreciated her friendly input and support over the years. Lorraine is competent and inspirational and can also offer Reiki, nutritional advice and much more. We would recommend her very highly. She will always go that extra mile to make sure that her clients can get the very best training. We wish her well in her new endeavours.

Delphine Plaskett


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