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Pilates class in CornwallThey are all on Tuesdays during term time and a commitment for the term is required as this is a course.

All classes will be starting back on the 7th June 2022.

Jacobstow Village Hall 9.30am    £10

North Petherwin Parish Hall 11.30am  £10

Camelford Hall 4.30pm: 6.30pm: 7.45pm  £10

Please bring your Pilates matt. 

All classes must be booked and paid for in advance due to limited places.


There is also a meditation and mindfulness class at 5.45 for 30 minutes from Camelford the same evening. This is in response to the increasing demand for ways to beat stress and anxiety in our society today. There have been free taster sessions and a very positive response to class uptake.  Lorraine uses methods that she has studied and found incredibly healing and empowering personally.  These classes are £5 per session and £3 for Pilates students.

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Ecstatic Awakening Dance Personal Development Sessions

A regular safe online space to discover physical, mental and emotional freedom as part of your own personal development and healing process

About this Event

Presented by Lorraine Gibson of The Holistic Wellness School. Lorraine has been working as a fitness professional since 2005, and created the school from a process of natural growth personally, professionally, spiritually and emotionally. Ecstatic Awakening Dance has brought together her passion for fitness, healing and wellness in all senses.

Ecstatic Awakening Dance

What was an extremely exciting and absolutely mind-blowing result of attending festivals last year, Lorraine was establishing a network of healers and therapists that she was able to connect and build relationship with. And so this year, The Holistic Wellness School is organising the Healing Area at Kindred Spirits Festival 18th – 19th June 2022

Lorraine has invited some of her network of healers and therapists to come and join her this year to bring high vibrational conscious healing to this local Cornish festival.

In the Healing Area there will be something that everyone will be able to connect with, from Reiki, Yoga, Tai Chi, Massage, Shiatsu... to Ecstatic Dance, Men’s and women’s circles, Sacred Art, and various workshops and talks on conscious living.  You can find the links to each therapist and the event here:

Kindred Spirits Festival | Facebook

You can also catch her up for the opening Ecstatic Dance at 11.15am on the Saturday, The women’s Circle, Cacao Ceremony and Sacred Dance at 2-4pm the same day, and more Ecstatic Dance at 1-2pm on the Sunday.


The School went on to establish women’s circles in Boscastle, Cornwall where Lorraine teaches mindfulness and meditation, breathing techniques and sound healing, Yogalates, a yoga-pilates hybrid exercise, and Ecstatic Awakening Dance where the participants are lead in conscious dance of self-discovery and self-healing through this incredibly powerful method.  The sessions are concluded by a time of listening in a sharing circle...a place of non-judgement and a place to be witnessed.  The circles are then closed after a time of communing and socialising together.  Strong friendships and support have been established through these powerful women’s sessions. Strong women need strong women!!  Here are a couple of photos of one of our informal events...children and fur babies are always welcome to those!!

You can book and join a live session in Boscastle here

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