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The Ecstatic Awakening Dance ™ is an Energy Experience designed to:

  • Release stress and energize the body.
  • Free you from emotional baggage by moving stuck energy.
  • Transcend the chatter of small mind and bring you into the Presence of Now.
  • Awaken your heart to self-acceptance and self-love.
  • Connect you to the Divine Oneness of your true nature and All That Is.

What can I expect from an ecstatic awakening dance session?

Warm up:

This BODY WARM-UP for Ecstatic Awakening Dance lasts approx. 15-20 minutes. It is a gentle awakening of the body parts using breath, awareness, movement and music, starting at the soles of the feet and working up to the crown of the head.

Each part of the body tells a story, and, in this warm-up, we allow fluid movements and rhythmical breath to shut down mental chatter, move stuck energy and to prepare us physically and mentally for the next phase of the class.


The SHAKE lasts up to15 minutes during Ecstatic Awakening Dance and is perhaps the most important stage as it ignites the life-force for the transformative process to begin. With eyes closed and breath deep and relaxed we allow the body to shake and tremble all over.  The shake is based on Osho’s Kundalini Meditation.

It also has its roots in an ancient form of Chi Kung that uses shaking to open blocked energy-meridians. Its purpose is to shake off stress and tension and to awaken our ‘sleepy’ life-force.

The effect is refreshing, energizing and balancing. It is also a preparation on physical, emotional and mental levels for the deeper let-go of the next stage.

The 'let-go’:

In Ecstatic Awakening Dance this is known as the BREATH OF FIRE DANCE or simply the ENERGY DANCE which lasts approximately 45 mins. This is the main part of the method and is done with the eyes closed. In this phase, we are ready to go deeper and to surrender to the dance.

We ignite the letting-go process with a simple breathing technique called the Breath of Fire.

This stage can also be done with a simple Circular Breathing technique. Both breathing techniques oxygenate the body and brain so that we are fully energised, switch off the rational “every day” thinking mind and facilitate a “whole-brain” activity, meaning that we access deeper levels of being through the dance.

The repetitive rhythms of the breath and the music also enhance synchronised brain activity so that we experience expanded states of consciousness.

The combination of stages means that during this substantial stage in the dance you may experience any number of the following:

  • Stuck physical energy and emotions can surface easily to be safely released.
  • Relief from everyday worries and the general chatter of the mind.
  • Clarity of thinking from a higher perspective.
  • Internal visions, insights and inspirations that can help us move forwards in our lives.
  • A sense of self-empowerment.
  • A sense of calm, peace, joy and bliss.
  • A warm, open-hearted state in which you feel connected and whole.
  • A connection with the Divine/Spirit, a sense of Oneness and Wonder.
  • An experience of ecstasy and liberation.


This is the complete STOP/DROP!  The music stops, as does the ecstatic awakening dance and you gently drop to the ground in silence and stillness to allow the integration of energies and a deep relaxation. This is a vital stage of the process!

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!

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The HEAVEN & EARTH MEDITATION takes place. We complete the process with a beautiful, guided visualisation in order to ground ourselves and come back to our everyday lives with a perspective and an experience of peace, clarity and self-love.  The dance ends here, with a sharing circle.

No pressure and no expectation.  If you wish to express your experience, this is the place to be heard without judgement.  You can also contact me at any time.

"This has been a highly transformational dance for me. I have experienced so much release from trauma and trapped emotions through it. Learning to be an Ecstatic Awakening Dance facilitator has surprisingly turned out to be a powerful healing process. I started it because it sounded so much fun and was something new in my fitness repertoire, however it transformed my life helping me access the deep healing I had been in need of for so long. I just want others to have a taste of that joy and freedom. It is fantastic fun; your body moves in a way you never thought possible, and the music is simply awesome.  You feel amazing when you dance this way, and the benefits go on far longer than just the dance session itself. You often take the experience into your dreams. And you certainly take the joy and freedom into your daily life.  Anyone can do it!"

Lorraine Gibson

I used to go to Lorraine's pilâtes classes and I liked her very holistic approach. she's very knowledgeable and welcoming. Shame she moved away. from my town.

Sandra Dumas
Recommends The Holistic Wellness School

3 April at 14:41

Lorraine is a phenomenal teacher. She really goes the extra mile. She was my personal trainer in Bude and she helped me enormously. Nothing was too much trouble and sessions were fun and informative. Highly recommended!

Lynne Holehouse
Recommends The Holistic Wellness School

26 March at 21:50

Lorraine has a great gift of having such a natural empathy with people. Whatever she does, she always puts her heart & soul into it. She has lots of enthusiasm, together with unlimited knowledge, care & understanding of people’s needs! A brilliant teacher who started me off on Pilates,& I’ve never looked back since. All thanks to this wonderful Lady! Wishing her nothing but well in her new fantastic venture.

Claire Palmer
Recommends The Holistic Wellness School

26 March at 21:12

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